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Fire Equals Smoke Equals BAD ODORS

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

How To Deal With Smoke Damage

If you have experienced a fire in your commercial space in Camarillo, CA, you have a lot to deal with. Although the fire probably caused a lot of structural damage, another effect that can cause lots of issues is smoke odor. It is important to conduct smoke cleaning as soon as possible to minimize the damage.

Initial Steps to Take

Waiting to deal with smoke odor is a mistake, as the
longer it is there, the more it seeps into fabrics and carpeting, which makes it almost impossible to get rid of completely. Some of initial steps you should take include:

  • Introduce fresh air into the space by opening windows and doors and using fans to help direct the smoke particles out
  • Call for professional fire restoration services, as they have the special devices and machines designed to deal with smoke damage, no matter how big of space the fire ruined
  • Make a solution of a half cup of white vinegar, gallon of warm water and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to wipe down hard surfaces such as doors, window sills, desks and chairs

How the Professionals Handle Smoke Cleaning

Although you can do some things that may mitigate the fire damage, professional cleaners have the tools necessary to get the terrible smell out of the air, carpet and furnishings. Some of the tools at their disposal include ozone machines, which help break down odors, and thermal foggers, which distribute small particles to be able to target smoke particles in tiny cracks and surface pores. Professionals also use commercial air filtration devices that contain carbon and HEPA filters for smoke cleaning.

Damage caused by smoke can be challenging to completely get rid of if you do not address the problem right away. Along with your efforts, a professional team can remove the odors from all types of surfaces.

The Home Ignition Zone

5/23/2022 (Permalink)

The “home ignition zone” encompasses the house itself and everything up to 100 to 200 feet around it. Radiant heat from a severe wildfire can ignite a house from up to 100 feet away, and if there’s enough combustible material in the way, the flames themselves can quickly travel that distance. So if you happen to live in a wildfire-prone area, safeguarding just your home and the five feet surrounding it leaves significant risk on the table.

The area between 30 and 100 feet of a home is a property’s front-line defense against a wildfire. The principle guiding your preparation in this zone should be to create a “defensible space” that can prevent flames from approaching your home, and give firefighters a safe place to combat the blaze. Cal Fire and NFPA have great resources that outline the creation of a defensible space. For instance, once you remove fuel sources from the area immediately surrounding the house, the area between 30 and 100 feet out should be maintained as a “reduced fuel zone.” In this zone, plants should be spaced out, low-hanging tree branches should be pruned, and all vegetation should be watered regularly.

Steinberg notes that some homeowners go overboard when creating a defensible space by clearing the area surrounding their home of all vegetation. It seems counterintuitive, but well-spaced plant life can actually block wind-blown embers from reaching your home. A defensible space completely devoid of vegetation creates a “bowling alley” for embers, warns the California Chaparral Institute

SERVPRO of Camarillo is here for all of your restoration needs.

Zona de Encendido del Hogar"

5/23/2022 (Permalink)

La "zona de encendido del hogar" abarca la casa en sí y todo lo que tiene hasta 100 a 200 pies a su alrededor. El calor radiante de un incendio forestal severo puede encender una casa desde hasta 100 pies de distancia, y si hay suficiente material combustible en el camino, las llamas mismas pueden viajar rápidamente esa distancia. Entonces, si vive en un área propensa a incendios forestales, proteger solo su hogar y los cinco pies que lo rodean deja un riesgo significativo sobre la mesa.

El área entre 30 y 100 pies de una casa es la defensa de primera línea de una propiedad contra un incendio forestal. El principio que guía su preparación en esta zona debe ser crear un "espacio defendible" que pueda evitar que las llamas se acerquen a su hogar y dar a los bomberos un lugar seguro para combatir el incendio.  Cal Fire y NFPA tienen grandes recursos que describen la creación de un espacio defendible. Por ejemplo, una vez que retire las fuentes de combustible del área que rodea inmediatamente la casa, el área entre 30 y 100 pies de distancia debe mantenerse como una "zona de combustible reducido". En esta zona, las plantas deben espaciarse, las ramas bajas de los árboles deben podarse y toda la vegetación debe regarse regularmente.

Steinberg señala que algunos propietarios se exceden al crear un espacio defendible al limpiar el área que rodea su hogar de toda la vegetación. Parece contradictorio, pero la vida vegetal bien espaciada en realidad puede impedir que las brasas arrastradas por el viento lleguen a su hogar. Un espacio defendible completamente desprovisto de vegetación crea una "bolera" para las brasas, advierte el Instituto Chaparral de California

SERVPRO de Camarillo está aquí para todas sus necesidades de restauración.

Do I Need Camarillo Renters Insurance?

12/7/2021 (Permalink)

Why should Tenants have a Renters Insurance Policy?

As a First Responder for Emergency Services in the Camarillo, we see first hand the effects that can be caused by Fire, Smoke and Water Damages.  Not only to the Property, but we see Personal Property and Valuable Assets that become Damaged, Broken, Sooty, Spoiled, Contaminated and even Crumbled.  

It can become very Expensive to come out of Pocket for the Cleaning, Repairing or Replacing of affected Personal Belongings.   Especially if a Renter has to be Displaced for a period of time due to the Property being Damaged and in need of Repair. 

Since most of the Camarillo are Renters it is Highly Recommended to have Renters Insurance!  It is Truly sad to say most Tenants do not have Renter's Insurance and are at a Loss. The Landlords or Homeowners Insurance Policy will not Cover the Tenants Personal Property or Displacement in the Event of Fire or Water Damage.  Having Renter's Insurance will ensure your Cleaning, Repairing, Replacement and Even Displacement Costs. Most Renters Insurance policies cost pennies a day!

For more information on Renters Insurance, Click Here.

Call SERVPRO of Camarillo if you have Personal Belongings or Property Affected by Fire or Water at 805-484-5009.  We are your First Responders!

When You Need Assistance With Smoke or Fire Damage, SERVPRO of Camarillo is Here

11/3/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Damaged Wall Let SERVPRO of Camarillo make it "Like it never even happened," when you have smoke or fire damage. 805-484-5009

Types of Smoke Damage That Affect Your Camarillo Home

Most Camarillo homeowners could not tell you what smoke damage can do to their homes, let alone what differences exist between various types of smoke after a fire. Our highly trained IICRC Certified technicians have the expertise and the education to quickly access your property following a fire to make determinations such as the type of smoke damage to ensure the appropriate equipment is brought on site to restore the home quickly.

Understanding the difference between smoke types when you experience fire damage in your Camarillo home does not get the situation resolved any faster, but it can help to narrow the field for those experienced enough in restoration efforts to make a significant difference fast. Our technicians have extensive training show them the difference between the residues and causes of dry and wet smoke damages within your home, and what methods are the most effective for restoring these areas to get you back in your property quickly.

Wet smoke damage results from a fire that burned at a lower temperature, causing more of a smolder than a rapidly spreading blaze. These types of fires produce considerable smoke, which can seep into fabrics, furniture, and other areas not directly impacted by the spread of the fire itself. Our SERVPRO technicians have premier cleaning strategies to remove the thick coating and sour odor left behind by wet smoke.

Dry smoke is often the opposite, with its cause coming from rapidly spreading fires burning at very high heat. The spread of this situation produces a thinner smoke and a powdery residue. While much of the unaffected surfaces can get cleaned with traditional solvents and detergents, these types of fires often require our SERVPRO professionals to utilize controlled demolition techniques to prepare the area for reconstruction.

While understanding the types of smoke that could affect your home does not impact what occurs when a fire develops, it can help you to appreciate that not all fire restoration teams are the same. With our advanced equipment and highly trained technicians, our SERVPRO of Camarillo rapid response team can clean up the mess fast. Call us today at (805)-484-5009.

¿Necesita ayuda con el incendio de Camarillo y el daño por humo?

11/3/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Damaged Home Deje que SERVPRO de Camarillo lo ayude con sus necesidades de daños por incendio o humo. 805-484-5009

Tipos de daños por humo que afectan su casa de Camarillo  

La mayoría de los propietarios de viviendas de Camarillo no podrían decirle lo que el daño por humo puede hacer a sus hogares, y mucho menos qué diferencias existen entre varios tipos de humo después de un incendio. Nuestros técnicos altamente capacitados  certificados por IICRC  tienen la experiencia y la educación para acceder rápidamente a su propiedad después de un incendio para tomar determinaciones como el tipo de daño por humo para garantizar que se trae el equipo adecuado al sitio para restaurar la casa rápidamente.

Comprender la diferencia entre los tipos de humo cuando experimenta daños por incendio en su hogar de Camarillo  no resuelve la situación más rápido, pero puede ayudar a reducir el campo para aquellos con suficiente experiencia en los esfuerzos de restauración para hacer una diferencia significativa rápidamente. Nuestros técnicos tienen una amplia capacitación que les muestra la diferencia entre los residuos y las causas de los daños por humo seco y húmedo dentro de su hogar, y qué métodos son los más efectivos para restaurar estas áreas para que regrese a su propiedad rápidamente.

El daño por humo húmedo es el resultado de un incendio que se quemó a una temperatura más baja, causando más humo que un incendio que se propaga rápidamente. Este tipo de incendios producen un humo considerable, que puede filtrarse en telas, muebles y otras áreas no afectadas directamente por la propagación del fuego en sí. Nuestros técnicos de SERVPRO tienen estrategias de limpieza de primer nivel para eliminar el recubrimiento grueso y el olor agrio dejado por el humo húmedo.

El humo seco es a menudo lo contrario, y su causa proviene de incendios que se propagan rápidamente a fuego muy alto. La propagación de esta situación produce un humo más delgado y un residuo en polvo. Si bien gran parte de las superficies no afectadas pueden limpiarse con solventes y detergentes tradicionales, estos tipos de incendios a menudo requieren que nuestros professionales de SERVPRO utilicen técnicas de demolición controlada para preparar el área para la reconstrucción.

Si bien comprender los tipos de humo  que podrían afectar su hogar no afecta lo que ocurre cuando se desarrolla un incendio, puede ayudarlo a apreciar que no todos los equipos de restauración de incendios son iguales. Con nuestros equipos avanzados y técnicos altamente capacitados, nuestro equipo de respuesta rápida SERVPRO de  Camarillo  puede limpiar el desorden rápidamente. Llámenos hoy al  (805)-484-5009.

¿Puede restaurar su negocio de Camarillo después de un incendio?

7/7/2021 (Permalink)

Servpro staff inspecting fire damage Llame a SERVPRO de Camarillo al 805-484-5009 para que sea "Como si nunca hubiera sucedido".

Restauración de daños por incendios en su tienda minorista de Camarillo

Una de las cosas más devastadoras que le puede pasar a su tienda minorista en Camarillo es un incendio. Sin los sistemas de protección contra incendios adecuados en su lugar, su negocio puede sufrir tiempo de inactividad y una pérdida significativa. También hay varios peligros y riesgos que están presentes en su tienda minorista. Ser consciente de ellos puede ayudarte a prevenir un incendio.

Cuando ya ha ocurrido un incendio en su edificio, necesita la ayuda de especialistas professionales en reparación de daños por incendios en Camarillo. El personal de SERVPRO está capacitado para manejar todas las situaciones de daños por incendios, y también entendemos que como negocio, no puede  permitirse perder mucho negocio. Si el incendio requiere que cierre sus puertas por un tiempo, nos aseguramos de trabajar de manera rápida pero eficiente para que pueda reabrir lo más rápido posible.

El equipo eléctrico puede representar algunos de los peligros más importantes para su tienda. Estos incluyen sistemas de sonido, iluminación, refrigeración, cajas registradoras y otros aspectos de su negocio que requieren cableado eléctrico. Cualquier mal funcionamiento con estas áreas puede provocar un incendio si no se mantiene adecuadamente.

Una vez que los técnicos de SERVPRO hayan restaurado los daños causados por el fuego en su edificio, necesitamos limpiar las superficies que se vieron afectadas. Diferentes técnicas de superficie impiden que el material que estamos limpiando se sature con un producto de limpieza. Las técnicas de superficie evitan la humectación excesiva de materiales y dejar que la superficie se seque rápidamente al limitar la cantidad de producto de limpieza que usamos.

Usando la técnica de rociado y limpieza, rociamos ligeramente o rociamos el producto de limpieza sobre la superficie que se está limpiando, luego lo limpiamos con una toalla de limpieza en seco.  La técnica se puede utilizar en muebles y contenidos de superficie dura. La limpieza de espuma se utiliza para limpiar materiales que podrían dañarse por la humedad excesiva de los productos de limpieza. Mediante el uso de espuma, podemos usar menos humedad en la superficie que con la limpieza con un producto de limpieza líquido.

Es esencial que tome algunas precauciones y tenga cierta defensa contra los incendios en su estructura. Los aspersores contra incendios son su primera buena defensa de los incendios. Las cabezas de los aspersores dispersan el agua sobre las llamas y evitar que se propaguen hasta que su departamento de bomberos local pueda llegar allí. Las alarmas contra incendios son esenciales para alertar a sus clientes; hay una emergencia. Mantenga su sistema mantenido para que pueda contar con poder poner a los clientes y al personal a salvo si comienza un incendio.

También debe tener varios extintores de incendios alrededor de su tienda, asegurándose de colocar uno o dos cerca de cualquier producto inflamable o exhibiciones de velas encendidas. Los extintores ABC son los más versátiles, ya que pueden apagar incendios de equipos eléctricos, líquidos inflamables y quema de plástico o papel.

SERVPRO de Camarillo puede restaurar su edificio de negocios en Camarillo o sus alrededores después de un incendio de cualquier tamaño. Llámenos al (805) 484-5009 inmediatamente después de que el incendio esté fuera para que podamos ayudar a su negocio a verse "Como si nunca hubiera sucedido".

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Evaluating Contents in Your Fire Damaged Camarillo Home

6/14/2021 (Permalink)

When fire losses occur

the care and focus that goes into the recovery and protection of contents in your Camarillo home can make a considerable difference. Cleaning and restoration after fire damage are rarely cheap and fast, so the steps that can get taken immediately to preserve your belongings can both reduce loss and limit the out-of-pocket expenses of our customers.

With a dedicated division of recovery specialists

trained to handle possessions and restore them to their original condition safely, content management has become a staple of successful fire damage recovery in Camarillo properties. The evaluation of these items occurs during the scoping phase of the project. Because it is vital to begin work as promptly as possible to ensure the best protection for your belongings and the structural elements of your house, we work to arrive at a fire-damaged address within four hours of the initial notification of loss.

Scoping of the work falls to the competent project management and crew chief arriving at the scene. Residues present some of the most substantial risks for permanent damage when literal combustion and charring has not marred the materials. The presence of soot layers continually exposes the item to an acidic composition of the residue, which can both stain and scar the surface. Many affected surfaces in your home must get replaced or resurfaced by our SERVPRO team after widespread fire loss damage.

In-house restoration of these belongings is the ideal approach for our SERVPRO team. Cleaning and restoring contents without moving them to our facility reduces costs. If soot damage is too considerable to clean without immersion cleaning techniques or other sophisticated practices available in our nearby warehouse, we can safely move your belongings as necessary.

We strive to provide every customer with effective content management solutions. Your belongings are often what makes your house a home, and we realize the importance of protecting and restoring what we can of irreplaceable belongings. Give our SERVPRO of Camarillo team a call today at (805) 484-5009.

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Camarillo Fire Damage Mitigation

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Damaged Kitchen SERVPRO of Camarillo is your FIRST CALL for Fire Damage Mitigation @ 805-484-5009

Mitigation Of Fire Damage

Electronics, games, hair styling appliances, and kitchen gadgets can all start a fire in your home. When a fire starts in your Camarillo home, cleaning up the smoke and fire damage can help your family and friends continue enjoying time together.

Almost everyone in Camarillo enjoys relaxing at home, but fire damage can put a stop to that quickly. Because of the regular and constant use of hand-held controllers on video game units and other types of games, getting the soot and smoke residue off everything is crucial in so many ways. Dry soot can be as bothersome as sticky, moist soot, and either can stain clothing when children handle soot-covered items and then wipe their fingers. Younger children might also ingest this soot. SERVPRO of Camarillo can get your home back in shape.

When we work on your residence, we clean and mitigate the damage that affects both the structure and the contents. Cleaning the smoke residue from surfaces of say a pool table require stiff brushes and HEPA-equipped vacuums. The wooden sections also need us to wipe them down with appropriate solvents that do not mar the finish but still lift the oily residue away. We always rinse these areas, as well as any plastic or metal components.

We clean electronics and other fragile games and discuss with you regarding additional care for video games and other related belongings. We do not recommend that you power these items on until a professional electronics technician looks them over, cleans them of any residue and makes any necessary repairs. Trying to make them work before a technician cleans away any dust, debris, soot, or moisture can cause so much damage that repairs become impossible.

As we perform these cleaning activities, other SERVPRO of Camarillo teams are extracting any present water and removing materials ruined by fire damage. We remove moisture so microbes remain at normal levels and damaged structures so we can bring in new materials.

SERVPRO of Camarillo can help you get back to enjoying your home’s amenities. Wherever smoke and fire damage traveled in your home, we can follow it and mitigate. Odor control options are also available to you, adding value to our services that greatly benefit you. Call us at our 24-hour service line any day of the year.

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Camarillo Mitigación de daños por incendio

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

Kitchen Fire Llámenos a nuestra línea de servicio las 24 horas cualquier día del año. 805-484-5009

Mitigación de daños por incendio

Electrónica,  juegos, electrodomésticos para peinar el cabello y aparatos de cocina pueden iniciar un incendio en su hogar. Cuando se inicia un incendio en su casa de Camarillo, limpiar el humo y los daños causados por el fuego puede ayudar a su familia y amigos a seguir disfrutando del tiempo juntos.

Casi todos en Camarillo disfrutan de relajarse en casa, pero los daños causados por el fuego pueden poner fin a eso rápidamente. Debido al uso regular y constante de controladores portátiles en unidades de videojuegos y otros tipos de juegos, obtener el hollín y los residuos de humo de todo es crucial en muchos sentidos. El hollín seco puede ser tan molesto como el hollín pegajoso y húmedo, y cualquiera de los dos puede manchar la ropa cuando los niños manejan artículos cubiertos de hollín y luego limpiarse los dedos. Los niños más pequeños también pueden ingerir este hollín. SERVPRO de Camarillo puede volver a poner en forma tu casa.  

Cuando trabajamos en su residencia, limpiamos y mitigamos los daños que afectan tanto a la estructura como al contenido. La limpieza de los residuos de humo de superficies de decir una mesa de billar requiere cepillos rígidos y aspiradoras equipadas con HEPA. Las secciones de madera también necesitan que los limpiemos con disolventes apropiados que no empañan el acabado pero aún así levanten los residuos aceitosos. Siempre enjuagamos estas áreas, así como cualquier componente plástico o metálico.

Limpiamos la electrónica y otros juegos frágiles y discutimos con usted sobre el cuidado adicional de los videojuegos y otras pertenencias relacionadas. No le recomendamos que encienda estos artículos hasta que un técnico professional de electrónica los mire, los limpie de cualquier residuo y realice las reparaciones necesarias. Tratar de hacerlos funcionar antes de que un técnico limpie cualquier polvo, escombros, hollín o humedad puede causar tanto daño que las reparaciones se vuelven imposibles.

 Mientras realizamos estas actividades de limpieza, otros equipos de SERVPRO de Camarillo están extrayendo cualquier agua actual y retirando materiales arruinados por los daños causados por el fuego.  Eliminamos la humedad para que los microbios permanezcan en niveles normales y estructuras dañadas para que podamos traer nuevos materiales.

SERVPRO  de Camarillo puede ayudarle a volver a disfrutar de las comodidades de su hogar.  Dondequiera que el humo y los daños causados por el fuego entren en su casa, podemos seguirlo y mitigarlo. Las opciones de control de olores también están disponibles para usted, añadiendo valor a nuestros servicios que le benefician enormemente. Llámenos a nuestra línea de servicio las 24 horas cualquier día del año.

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Trust Us to Pack-Out Possessions for More Efficient Camarillo Fire Damage Restoration

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

After a fire in your Camarillo home, it is reasonable to feel out of control.

A suggestion to move your furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions out of your house might make you even more anxious. Following our recommendation is likely to speed mitigation and remediation efforts in your residence, and also give the packed-out articles the specialized attention they need. Rely on our full spectrum of services for fire recovery, from assessment to rebuilding.

Fire damage in Camarillo does not affect just structural components. Everything in your home at the time of the fire is fair game for significant harm from the corrosive and toxic residues deposited by the smoke. Items require professional evaluation and restoration by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained technicians at our production facility before returning them to your cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized home.

SERVPRO uses the Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) create a detailed and secure compilation of the articles we move out. Items are listed or barcoded, and many are photographed before wrapping and transport. CCIS provides documentation for you and your insurance company as we assess, plan, and implement cleaning, drying, disinfecting, deodorization, and other restoration strategies.

Restoration of your items saves you time and money, but, most importantly, preserves your memories. Enduring a fire in your home is traumatic for you and your loved ones. SERVPRO is proud of our ability to restore not only your clothing, books, pictures, furnishings, household goods, window coverings, and personal belongings, but also your peace of mind. Our advanced cleaning and drying systems and talented employees strip grime and soot from a myriad of materials, returning everything from heirloom crystal to well-loved stuffed animals to their full function and appearance.

The SERVPRO IICRC-certified Water Damage Restoration (WRT) and Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) at your home unimpeded by its contents can complete more rapidly the water removal, deep cleaning of soot and other residues, and other tasks including repair and reconstruction needed to meet the highest restoration industry standards. When we reinstall the packed-out items, it truly is “Like it never even happened.”

Rely on SERVPRO of Camarillo when fire damage leaves you confused and stressed. One call, day or night, to (805) 484-5009 starts the process of reclaiming your safety, security, and comfort.

General Contractor License #: 892710
California State License Board (CSLB) #: 892710

Confíe en nosotros para empaquetar posesiones para una restauración más eficiente de daños por fuego en Camarillo

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

Después de un incendio en su casa de Camarillo, es razonable sentirse fuera de control.

Una sugerencia de sacar sus muebles, enseres domésticos y pertenencias personales de su casa podría ponerlo aún más ansioso. Es probable que seguir nuestra recomendación acelere los esfuerzos de mitigación y remediación en su residencia, y también brinde a los artículos empaquetados la atención especializada que necesitan. Confíe en nuestra gama completa de servicios para la recuperación de incendios, desde la evaluación hasta la reconstrucción.

Los daños por incendio en Camarillo no afectan solo a los componentes estructurales. Todo lo que haya en su hogar en el momento del incendio es presa fácil de daños importantes por los residuos corrosivos y tóxicos depositados por el humo. Los artículos requieren una evaluación y restauración professional por parte de técnicos capacitados del Instituto de Inspección, Limpieza y Restauración (IICRC) en nuestras instalaciones de producción antes de devolverlos a su hogar limpio, desinfectado y desodorizado.

SERVPRO utiliza el Servicio de Inventario de Reclamos de Contenido (CCIS) para crear una compilación detallada y segura de los artículos que sacamos. Los artículos se enumeran o tienen códigos de barras, y muchos se fotografían antes de envolverlos y transportarlos. CCIS proporciona documentación para usted y su compañía de seguros mientras evaluamos, planificamos e implementamos la limpieza, el secado, la desinfección, la desodorización y otras estrategias de restauración.

La restauración de sus artículos le ahorra tiempo y dinero, pero, lo más importante, conserva sus recuerdos. Soportar un incendio en su hogar es traumático para usted y sus seres queridos. SERVPRO se enorgullece de nuestra capacidad para restaurar no solo su ropa, libros, cuadros, muebles, artículos para el hogar, cortinas y efectos personales, sino también su tranquilidad. Nuestros avanzados sistemas de limpieza y secado y nuestros talentosos empleados eliminan la suciedad y el hollín de una gran variedad de materiales, devolviendo todo, desde el cristal de la reliquia hasta los adorados peluches, a su función y apariencia completas.

Los Técnicos de Restauración de Daños por Agua (WRT) y Restauración de Humo y Fuego (FSRT) certificados por SERVPRO IICRC en su hogar sin impedimentos por su contenido pueden completar más rápidamente la remoción de agua, limpieza profunda de hollín y otros residuos, y otras tareas incluyendo reparación y reconstrucción necesarios para cumplir con los más altos estándares de la industria de la restauración. Cuando reinstalamos los elementos empaquetados, realmente es "Como si nunca hubiera sucedido."

Confíe en SERVPRO de Camarillo cuando el daño del fuego lo deje confundido y estresado. Una llamada, de día o de noche, al (805) 484-5009 inicia el proceso de reclamar su seguridad, protección y comodidad.

Licencia de contratista general #: 892710
Junta de Licencias del Estado de California (CSLB) #: 892710

SERVPRO of Camarillo está aquí para ayudarlo a lidiar con las secuelas de un incendio en su hogar o negocio.

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

Cumplir con las inspecciones después de daños por incendio es la razón por la que muchos propietarios en Camarillo eligen SERVPRO

El fuego cambia la estructura física de todo lo que quema, incluidas las casas en Camarillo. Estos cambios debilitan o destruyen las estructuras, volviéndolas muy inseguras. SERVPRO puede ayudar a que las cosas vuelvan a ser normales y a restaurar la estructura y la condición segura de su hogar. Nuestros especialistas comprenden el proceso de prueba que utilizan los inspectores locales y tienen en cuenta estos aspectos mientras trabajan en la mitigación de su hogar.

Éstas y otras razones son las razones por las que SERVPRO es lo primero en la mente de muchos residentes cuando necesitan hacer algo sobre los daños causados ??por incendios en su casa de Camarillo. Aunque usted y su familia planean regresar a casa y vivir en la casa, otros deben despejar nuestro trabajo después de inspeccionarlo para asegurarse de que sea seguro para los ocupantes.

Las vigas de madera dentro de las paredes pueden sufrir quemaduras lentas o carbonización. Si bien es posible que un rayo nunca se haya incendiado, puede debilitarse en algunas áreas. Otras preocupaciones acerca de las vigas carbonizadas es que algunos professionales consideran que el hollín es un posible carcinógeno. Incluso si su familia nunca está expuesta directamente a las áreas carbonizadas, su presencia y su estado debilitado pueden hacer que los inspectores se nieguen a pasar la inspección de una casa. Volar estas áreas para eliminar las partes carbonizadas, de modo que quede expuesta la madera fresca, que luego sellamos con un sellador aprobado, ayuda a pasar la inspección.

Si su sistema de calefacción o aire acondicionado estaba funcionando cuando ocurrió el incendio, el hollín y el humo podrían terminar dentro de estas unidades. Una vez que finaliza la mitigación y restauración de su casa, un inspector revisa estas áreas de cerca. SERVPRO se asegura de que estas áreas estén limpias y sin residuos.

La eliminación del agua que los bomberos usaron para extinguir el fuego puede causar daños relacionados, al igual que las elevadas cantidades de vapor de agua en su hogar. Eliminamos esto de su hogar, por lo que las infestaciones microbianas permanecen bajo control, lo que ayuda a que su hogar pase otra parte de una inspección.

Entendemos que solo quieres que tu casa vuelva a estar unida, "como si nunca hubiera sucedido". Estamos aquí para ayudarlo a lograr este objetivo y restaurarlo a una condición que pueda pasar fácilmente cualquier inspección.

SERVPRO de Camarillo siempre está listo para responder sus preguntas y brindarle orientación para que pueda manejar más fácilmente la restauración de su hogar. Se deben realizar inspecciones para que su familia vuelva a ocupar legalmente su hogar, y sabemos cómo ayudarlo a lograrlo. Llámenos al (805) 484-5009 a cualquier hora del día o de la noche, cualquier día del año.

In Camarillo, SERVPRO says, "We Can Help Prevent Fire Damage Caused By Appliances"

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Improper Dryer Care Can Cause Fires in Your Camarillo Home

The appliances in your Camarillo home help to make life more comfortable, but taking care of them and using them correctly is critical to a longer life and safe operation. Dryers, for example, can become dangerous if they do not get used properly, and this can result in disasters like fires occurring in the residence. Understanding how these situations happen and what can occur to restore the damage is essential knowledge for the modern homeowner.

While you might not think of your dryer as a source for fire damage in your Camarillo home, this disaster can occur more readily than most homeowners believe. Often, these combustions occur when the excessive heat (often upwards of 500 degrees or more) ignites lint or other loose debris within and around the drum. Preventing this situation from occurring is often little more than ensuring that between uses, the lint trap gets cleared of any collected buildup and that your ventilation discharge hose remains clear of buildup as well. We also inspect and can clean out the venting system for the appliance to increase efficiency and reduce potential fires.

Often homeowners are unaware of the severity of cleaning out their lint filters often, and fire can result. When a disaster like this occurs, the effects can spread far beyond the laundry area of your home and affect multiple rooms and floors. Our SERVPRO professionals can arrive quickly to begin our thorough assessment of this damage to determine the best approach to restore it efficiently and cost-effectively.

From our initial mitigation work with packing out at-risk items and removing harmful particulates from the air inside your home to our licensed reconstruction contractors within our team that can rebuild overly damaged areas of your property, we offer a comprehensive package to our customers that make the restoration work as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Fires can begin from many sources, but appliances can easily ignite a blaze without the proper management and use

If you experience a disaster that damages your property, let our SERVPRO of Camarillo rapid response team help you make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (805) 484-5009.

En Camarillo, SERVPRO dice: "Podemos ayudar a prevenir daños por incendios causados ??por electrodomésticos"

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El cuidado inadecuado de la secadora puede causar incendios en su casa de Camarillo

Los electrodomésticos de su hogar Camarillo ayudan a hacer la vida más cómoda, pero cuidarlos y usarlos correctamente es fundamental para una vida más larga y un funcionamiento seguro. Las secadoras, por ejemplo, pueden volverse peligrosas si no se usan correctamente, y esto puede resultar en desastres como incendios en la residencia. Comprender cómo ocurren estas situaciones y qué puede ocurrir para restaurar el daño es un conocimiento esencial para el propietario moderno.

Si bien es posible que no piense en su secadora como una fuente de daños por incendio en su casa de Camarillo, este desastre puede ocurrir más fácilmente de lo que creen la mayoría de los propietarios. A menudo, estas combustiones ocurren cuando el calor excesivo (a menudo superior a 500 grados o más) enciende pelusa u otros desechos sueltos dentro y alrededor del tambor. Evitar que ocurra esta situación a menudo es poco más que asegurarse de que entre usos, la trampa de pelusa se elimine de cualquier acumulación acumulada y que la manguera de descarga de ventilación permanezca libre de acumulación también. También inspeccionamos y podemos limpiar el sistema de ventilación del aparato para aumentar la eficiencia y reducir los posibles incendios.

A menudo, los propietarios no son conscientes de la gravedad de la limpieza frecuente de sus filtros de pelusa y puede producirse un incendio. Cuando ocurre un desastre como este, los efectos pueden extenderse mucho más allá del área de lavado de su hogar y afectar varias habitaciones y pisos. Nuestros professionales de SERVPRO pueden llegar rápidamente para comenzar nuestra evaluación exhaustiva de este daño para determinar el mejor enfoque para restaurarlo de manera eficiente y rentable.

Desde nuestro trabajo de mitigación inicial con empaquetar artículos en riesgo y eliminar partículas dañinas del aire dentro de su hogar hasta nuestros contratistas de reconstrucción con licencia dentro de nuestro equipo que pueden reconstruir áreas demasiado dañadas de su propiedad, ofrecemos un paquete integral a nuestros clientes que hacen el trabajo de restauración es lo más fluido y sin estrés posible.

Los incendios pueden comenzar de muchas fuentes, pero los electrodomésticos pueden encender fácilmente un incendio sin el manejo y uso adecuados.

Si experimenta un desastre que daña su propiedad, deje que nuestro equipo de respuesta rápida de SERVPRO de Camarillo lo ayude a hacerlo "Como si nunca hubiera sucedido." Llámanos hoy al (805) 484-5009.

What to do after a fire in your Camarillo home or business

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Fire damaged stairs This homeowner called SERVPRO of Camarillo to restore their fire damaged home at 805-484-5009

Camarillo's Fire Damage Experts Talk About The Importance Of Prompt Action

If a fire ever starts inside your Camarillo house, the heat and the smoke coming from the blaze can both cause problems with your building materials and other items inside your home. If your fire damage does not get treated by a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO right after it occurs, the problems can get worse. When the smoke from a burn flows throughout a building, it leaves behind soils and soot residues when it comes into contact with cooler surfaces like your walls and ceilings. If soot gets left on surfaces inside your home, they can cause permanent issues to any affected contents or structural components. The burnt aromas created during a fire damage situation can also get worse over time if deodorization measures do not get taken immediately.

After our SERVPRO technicians receive your emergency call, we arrive at your residence, ready to begin work right away. We offer fast 24/7 service when called to assist you with your fire damage problems in Camarillo. We are available to answer your phone call any day of the week and late at night. Our crews are located nearby so that we can arrive at your house shortly after we receive the call and start assessing the situation. We come prepared with test cleaning kits so we can determine what can be saved through cleaning and restoration and which objects must be removed and replaced.

Before any inspecting or work begins, our team goes through your home and identifies any potential safety hazards. For example, sometimes burnt ceiling tiles or drywall can be hanging down and presenting a fall hazard. In this case, we can remove the items and make sure there is nothing loose to fall and hurt anyone.

After our crew deems the affected area safe, we begin inspecting your home for potential issues. As a result of the inspection, we compose an initial estimate containing the work we think will need to be done to return your house to its preloss state “Like it never even happened.” If you ever need prompt service from our highly trained team, call SERVPRO of Camarillo at (805) 484-5009 24 hours a day.

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How to Choose a Home Fire Extinguisher

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"Every home needs at least one fire extinguisher that’s kept readily at hand. And yet many homeowners either (A.) know they don’t have a fire extinguisher and don’t think it’s a problem (I’m embarrassed to admit I was in this category until I started researching this post), or (B.) own a fire extinguisher (or several) but have no idea how to operate it or even if it would still work in case of a fire. Here’s what you should know about fire extinguishers to help keep your home and family safe.

1. Do I really need a fire extinguisher in my home?

You do; every home should have at least one portable fire extinguisher installed in an easily accessible spot. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has determined that almost half the fires in the home occur in the kitchen, so that’s a good place to start."

Read more at: How to Choose a Home Fire Extinguisher

8 Essentials: Smoke alarms with smart designs

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The Kupu photoelectric smoke alarm

"On the market recently: a slew of design-worthy and unobtrusive smoke alarms, from the popular Nest to new crowd-funded designs. Here are our favorite attractive (and high-tech) options.

Kupu Photoelectric Smoke Alarm by Finnish designer Harri Koskinen for Jalo Helsinki

Perhaps the most well-known smoke detector to come on the market recently is the Nest Protect,

The Kidde Silhouette Low-Profile Smoke Alarm protrudes a mere half inch from the ceiling once installed

The Gira Dual Q Smoke Alarm 

the battery-operated Chick-a-Dee Smoke Alarm by Dutch designer Louise van der Veld

At 1.5 inches across (the size of a golf ball), Cavius is “the world’s smallest” smoke alarm.

The nearly-identical Atom Smoke Alarm by First Alert

Check out the full article at 8 Essentials: Smoke alarms with smart designs

SERVPRO Restores IAQ Indoor Air Quality after a House Fire in Camarillo

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Fire Damage in Camarillo – Even Small Fires Create Odors

A small fire can often create a great deal of smoke and leave unpleasant odors in the kitchen area or even throughout the entire Camarillo home. You may have been quickly able to douse the fire and dispose of the offending pot, but everyone who comes into your home to help notices an offending smell.

SERVPRO has the technical expertise to assist in removing fire odors in Camarillo and surrounding areas. Every fire can produce odor. However, it is the type of fuel, how hot it burned, and for how long that determines the type of odor from smoke residue. Hot air also rises and travels to colder areas. The combination of natural air currents and forced-air heating systems can quickly spread smoke residue throughout the home.

Removing Odors After a Small Fire
There are necessary steps that SERVPRO technicians follow, which we have found to be very effective in removing smoke residue and odor from a building.

The first step is always to remove the burned item and any debris. Removing these items reduces a significant source of odors. Small particles of smoke residue deposited on countertops, tables, walls, and floors also produce odor. The next step is to clean all surfaces that were exposed to the smoke residue.

The third step may involve distributing a deodorizer in the same manner that the smoke would have traveled throughout your home. We use a variety of deodorizer products depending on the type of fire, and how hot it burned, e.g., grease fire vs. foods, especially smelly protein fueled fires that may have ignited while cooking. SERVPRO has ULV ultra-light volume foggers that can neutralize the offending molecules.

Our inventory of mechanical devices for odor mitigation and elimination includes hydroxyl generators, ozone machines, and portable and heavy-duty foggers. Each method of restoring healthy and clean indoor air quality is understood by our FST fire and smoke damage restoration technicians.

Lastly, in difficult situations, sealing the odor may be the solution. Repainting surfaces and sealing ducts that are too difficult to clean may be required. SERVPRO can assist in diagnosing the appropriate steps to remove the odors from your home. We also are fully licensed to provide complete restoration and repair for more severe fire damage. Contractor Licenses: General: 892710, CSLB: 892710

Call SERVPRO of Camarillo at (805) 484-5009 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Camarillo and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Homes in Camarillo Needing Fast Cleanup and Restoration after a Fire Often Call SERVPRO

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match-sticks constructed house profile with a flame SERVPRO Is Matchless for Fire Damage Cleanup, Odor Removal and Restoration for Camarillo Homes

Tips for Dealing With Fire Damage In Your Camarillo Residence

After the firefighters extinguish the blazing fire and leave the affected property, the damage can continue. The fire remnants can react with surfaces, and the water used to extinguish the fire can create a conducive environment for mold growth. Smoke odor can also linger in your property if you do not restore it properly.

To return your property to a pristine and livable state, you can work with professionals from SERVPRO. We understand that dealing with fire damage in your Camarillo home is a heavy burden and a devastating experience. We have highly trained and certified technicians who can help you after the unfortunate event to ease your burden by restoring your property to its pre-misfortune state. Before we get to your property, there are few things you can do to aid the mitigation process.

Tips You Can Do--Only If Safe

    Minimize movement in the affected area to limit the spread of soot on other surfaces.
    Avoid direct contact with surfaces that have soot to avoid transferring the residue to woodwork, walls, and upholstery.
    Protect the unaffected valuable contents by covering them with rugs, old linens, and clean towels.
    Disconnect your gas, water, and electricity supply to prevent further property damage.

Our team of professionals can take the following steps to restore your home.

Sealing openings

Torrential downpour and other harsh weather conditions can occur when we are still restoring your property. If there are openings resulting from the fire, more damage can take place. Our technicians can board up the structure by using plywood. Boarding up a property is an excellent way to protect it from harsh weather, wild critters, and intruders. For minor roof damage, we can place tarps over the openings.

Cleaning the affected areas

Smoke travels fast and can penetrate deeply on surfaces. If smoke residues are left for an extended period, they can cause corrosion on surfaces. We can use professional and certified cleaning products to clean the affected surfaces. We can remove the soot from your walls, carpeting and upholstery, and other damaged surfaces.

Deodorizing the property

Smoke particles embedded deep within wooden flooring, walls, and furniture makes it difficult for our technicians to extract the smoke odor. The odor can last for several years if not treated by professionals. Our SERVPRO technicians can utilize proven techniques and high-tech equipment to deodorize your property. We can use air scrubbers or negative air machines to remove the smoke odors from your property. These devices have HEPA filters that remove particles from the air efficiently to improve the quality of indoor air.    

If a fire has ruined your home, contact SERVPRO of Camarillo at (805) 484-5009 immediately to minimize further property damage. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Here are the local firefighters.

Our Professionals Can Prevent Further Damage After A Fire In Your Camarillo Home

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fire in home causing damage We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Efficient Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup in Your Camarillo Home Can Prevent Further Damage

Watching your home and precious possessions engulfed by flames can be a devastating experience. After the firefighters have extinguished the fire and all occupants are safe, the ordeal is still not over. The remnants of the fire, such as smoke, soot, and water from fire extinguishing efforts, can continue causing damage to your property.

After a fire damage incident, it's essential to call professionals to perform fire and smoke damage cleanup in your Camarillo home. Our SERVPRO fire restoration experts can help you prevent further damage that smoke can cause. Smoke contains many gases and fine particles that develop after organic compounds burn. The smoke particles travel faster and further than flames during a fire.

Smoke particles also comprise acidic compounds that can corrode metals and may even etch glass. Smoke can settle in the cooler areas of your home, such as behind draperies and inside walls. After a short while, the smoke changes to soot that can cause permanent discoloration of surfaces. Contents with metal elements like electronics and kitchen appliances can tarnish. Refinishing or replacing wooden furniture and flooring could be necessary after severe smoke damage. The synthetic fibers of carpets may also absorb smoke odors, which are difficult to remove. Our restorers can take several steps to deal with the fire and smoke damage:

Isolating the affected area
Protecting the occupants of a home from smoke particles is our priority. Our technicians can install isolation barriers to prevent smoke particles in affected areas from getting into occupied rooms. Our technicians wear protective gear like respirators, facemasks, and gloves to stay safe.

Using advanced cleaning products
Once equipped with safety gear, our smoke damage restoration technicians begin the removal of smoke particles. We can use a general surface cleaner like the Wall and All Surface Cleaner to clean washable and painted surfaces. The cleanser has a low pH to protect semi-gloss interior paint. Therefore, it can wet clean various surfaces, including painted ceilings and walls, appliances, hard surface furniture, paneling, countertops, plastics, and wet cleanable wallpapers.

Using professional deodorizers
Floating smoke particles get embedded deeply within walls, carpeting, and furniture, making it difficult to remove the irritating smoke odor. Unpleasant odors can linger in your residence for years if you do not remove them successfully. Our SERVPRO team can use proven strategies and products to eliminate odors. For instance, we can mix concentrated water-based deodorizers to cleaning solutions to control smoke odors. These deodorizers mix with water instantly in various applications and dilution ratios. They work at different pH extremes and temperatures to neutralize most unpleasant odors, replacing them with a pleasant smell.

SERVPRO of Camarillo is a leading fire restoration company that can help you dislodge and eliminate smoke residues and odors from your fire-damaged home. Call us today at (805) 484-5009. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Camarillo Properties Rely on SERVPRO for Professional Air Duct Cleaning

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SERVPRO Offers Premier Duct Cleaning for Camarillo Fire Damaged Properties

Cleaning Ducts After All Fire Types in Camarillo Homes and Businesses  

Disasters can strike at any time, and even as recent as last year, widespread fires affected hundreds of Camarillo area homes. Many chose to rely on the experience and the fast response of our professionals, who could respond as promptly as we were allowed in evacuated areas throughout Ventura County. In many of these situations, entire properties can suffer smoke residue and soot damage, and it requires expertise, advanced equipment, and professional-grade cleaning agents to restore your HVAC system to optimal performance.

Even apart from the wildfires that remain a steady threat to Camarillo home and business owners, multiple other paths can also lead to a need for mitigation, restoration, and clean ducts after fire damages. Even furnace puffbacks can allow for the buildup of ionized soot and smoke throughout the ductile network and in the corners of rooms connected to this system. These effects can often get mistaken as spider webs, as they frequently collect in the cooler corners of rooms or closets. Our SERVPRO professionals have the right products and equipment to address these concerns, as they require careful cleanup to prevent smearing and staining.  

Our SERVPRO team has a division of qualified air duct specialists who can not only address the common throttling of air flow from the buildup of debris and dust within the system, but can also sufficiently overcome the added threats of fire damage to these ducts and HVAC unit as well. We have advanced tools beginning with our whisks and brushes that can help to clean these air pathways in your home or business thoroughly. These tools can break free sediment and buildup, even fire related, caked on residues, from the interior surfaces of air ducts. Whether the ductwork is galvanized steel, flex tubing, or fiberboard, we can clean them of fire residue along with pollen, dust, debris, pet danger, and other trapped particulates.

Negative air pressure vacuums that seat over ventilation openings and multiple solutions for deodorization can help to address the final symptoms common with a fire loss in your air ducts. This ventilation system can continue to spread smoke and soot debris, as well as harsh odors without the sophisticated equipment and practices of our experienced cleaning technicians. We can substantially improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your living space.

Whether overcoming a wildfire effect that can spread through multiple homes and businesses throughout Ventura County or overcoming isolated incidents like furnace puffbacks, our SERVPRO of Camarillo team can take care of your home and your HVAC system after a fire. Give us a call for a free inspection and evaluation anytime at (805) 484-5009.

There are five fire stations serving the Camarillo area of Ventura County, click for details.

Dreaming Of An Efficient and Easy Fire Damage Remediation in Your Camarillo Home?

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Cooking accidents can lead to serious fire damage in your Camarillo home. Call SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

SERVPRO Has Specific Methods for Fighting Damage from Fire, Smoke in Camarillo Properties

Fire damage can occur in many ways in a residential home. Cooking accidents, overloaded electrical panels, and plain old human error. When a fire occurs, there are often other issues to deal with such as odor, residues, water, the possibility of mold if not dried properly, not to mention replacement of fire loss contents.

When SERVPRO is called to mitigate damage from a Camarillo home fire, smoke is one of the things they address first. Depending on how hot the fire burned and the types of items that were consumed by the fire depends on the cleaning methods our technicians choose.

Plastics and synthetic materials tend to leave wet, grease-like films on surfaces that smears easily and can be challenging to clean. Organic materials such as hardwood beams tend to leave lighter, easier to clean residue. However, this is not positive because generally, these types of fires cause more significant structural damage. Our technicians are certified in the science of restoration and know that specific types of smoke residue requires specialized cleaning methods to remove the film and accompanying odors thoroughly. A single room can have different kinds of residues for our technicians to address depending on the types of items burned.

Mitigation for damage begins during the initial phone call with the homeowner, the SERVPRO technician takes the information and usually advises the homeowner actions they can take or should not take before our technicians arrive on site. The goal is to keep the homeowner safe, traffic in the area to a bare minimum and avoid spreading smoke and soot odors to unaffected areas.

The odor left behind by a fire can penetrate anywhere the smoke went. Our professional cleaning formulas are often enough to remove stubborn odors. In the cases where it is not, we have odor-neutralization methods such as thermal fogging which penetrates porous objects just as smoke does, except it is done with a heated solvent that eliminates odors. Machines such as Hydroxyl generators that work on the same principle as using UV rays from the Sun to power out odors using naturally occurring molecules called Hydroxyls that bond with and neutralize odor-causing molecules.

The key to saving as much as possible when damage from a fire happens in your home is to bring in professional help as quickly as possible. The faster the remediation begins, the more that can often be restored through cleaning.

SERVPRO of Camarillo stands ready to help homeowners mitigate fire, smoke and other home damage at (805) 484-5009. We are available 24/7 and arrive quickly because "We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster."

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Your Camarillo Home Can Be Restored To Pre-Damage Condition After A Fire Damage Disaster

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After a fire, call SERVPRO of Camarillo at (805) 484-5009, so we can help with smoke and fire cleanup services.

Our Professional Fire Cleanup Services Makes Your Camarillo Home Beautiful Again

Small fires in Camarillo can make tremendous amounts of smoke that cover the walls and leaves a sticky residue. Leaving this on the surfaces can stain paint and require new paint to make things beautiful again. Our specialists can help you reduce aggravation and save money by removing the soot before those stains happen.

After any size fire in Camarillo, we encourage residents to call us for help with fire cleanup that removes soot and sticky residues. These deposits might seem minor at first, but it can surprise you how widespread soot and related soiling becomes. Our techniques and the tools we use make it easy for us to remove these layers of soot from walls and other places.

We can also clean items that may have become covered in grime. Items that you keep near windows or doorways can sustain more copious amounts of soiling because of air traveling through that leaves soot on those same objects. We use ultrasonic technology to remove foreign particles from personal belongings, leaving them free of dirt, stains, and odors.

SERVPRO's technicians arrive ready to start working, meaning we finish more quickly. We always keep our Green Fleet stocked with the tools needed to restore your home “Like it never even happened.” We do this because we know your family wants to move forward and forget the incident. Because of this, we are also prepared to remove any damaged items. Removing materials and belongings that burned or charred during a fire eliminates any possible health risks that these items might contain. We want to give your family a fresh start after such a disaster.

Restoration efforts flow more smoothly, when needed, after thorough fire cleanup services. During cleanup, we remove any hazards from the interior. We also use additional measures that clean the air and reduce odors. As soot disintegrates, it continually produces odors. We prevent both from happening, making your home much safer for occupants.

After a fire, call SERVPRO of Camarillo at (805) 484-5009, so we can help with smoke and fire cleanup services. We have IICRC certificates in this and related areas, in addition to extensive experience in mitigation and restoration of homes and businesses.

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Our Fire Damage Technicians Can Restore Your Camarillo Home To Pre-Damage Condition Quickly And Efficiently

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Call us to schedule an assessment and begin the process of putting your life back together again.

Professional Help Needed For Fire Ash Cleanup In Camarillo

Removing the sooty debris deposited inside Camarillo homes during a fire is not an ordinary cleaning challenge. Soot and ash require not only specialized techniques to remove them entirely without smearing and spread to unaffected areas, but they also are toxic and corrosive. Safety during removal to humans, pets, and contents is the highest priority. We have the training, tools, and precisely formulated products to take on the job.

Because fire ash cleanup in your Camarillo home is not an everyday occurrence, the protocols necessary and the timeline for completion are not familiar and hard to attain without the assistance of a fully-prepared professional fire restoration crew. Our technicians receive comprehensive training from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) coursework, honed by on the job experience.

SERVPRO arrives within hours of your first call, poised to assess your fire scenario and create a plan to clean up and restore your premises “Like it never even happened.” We evaluate the characteristics of the ash and soot deposited at the fire locus and all other spaces within your home. Understanding the connection between the types of fire ash and other residues and proven protocols and products to remove them is critical to a successful fire restoration outcome.

Paper and wood burn hot and quickly, leaving behind a light ash deposit best managed with HEPA-equipped vacuums and dry sponging. Other fire fuels, such as fabrics and wiring, tend to smolder, creating a thicker, more sticky soot that often responds best with a spray and wipe approach, sometimes with abrasive products or tools to dislodge the debris. SERVPRO researches available cleaners and equipment to give our customers the fastest and highest-quality results.

Since fires frequently start in kitchens, SERVPRO has strategies for dealing with the highly-adhesive protein-based soot and ash a grease and food fire deposits. The coating is thin and transparent but holds on like a varnish. We use solvents and agitation to loosen the residues.

Fire ash cleanup is a SERVPRO of Camarillo specialty; we have tools, technicians, and cleaners stocked in every service vehicle to avoid any delay. Call us at (805) 484-5009 to schedule an assessment and begin the process of putting your life back together again.

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In Camarillo, SERVPRO Says We Cleanup Preventable Fire Damage Caused by Appliances

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The Result of a Lint Fire in Camarillo--Call SERVPRO for a Cleanup and Restoration

Improper Dryer Care Can Cause Fires in Your Camarillo Home

The appliances in your Camarillo home help to make life more comfortable, but taking care of them and using them correctly is critical to a longer life and safe operation. Dryers, for example, can become dangerous if they do not get used properly, and this can result in disasters like fires occurring in the residence. Understanding how these situations happen and what can occur to restore the damage is essential knowledge for the modern homeowner.

While you might not think of your dryer as a source for fire damage in your Camarillo home, this disaster can occur more readily than most homeowners believe. Often, these combustions occur when the excessive heat (often upwards of 500 degrees or more) ignites lint or other loose debris within and around the drum. Preventing this situation from occurring is often little more than ensuring that between uses, the lint trap gets cleared of any collected buildup and that your ventilation discharge hose remains clear of buildup as well. We also inspect and can clean out the venting system for the appliance to increase efficiency and reduce potential fires.

Often homeowners are unaware of the severity of cleaning out their lint filters often, and fire can result. When a disaster like this occurs, the effects can spread far beyond the laundry area of your home and affect multiple rooms and floors. Our SERVPRO professionals can arrive quickly to begin our thorough assessment of this damage to determine the best approach to restore it efficiently and cost-effectively.

From our initial mitigation work with packing out at-risk items and removing harmful particulates from the air inside your home to our licensed reconstruction contractors within our team that can rebuild overly damaged areas of your property, we offer a comprehensive package to our customers that make the restoration work as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Fires can begin from many sources, but appliances can easily ignite a blaze without the proper management and use. If you experience a disaster that damages your property, let our SERVPRO of Camarillo rapid response team help you make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (805) 484-5009.

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We stop thieves taking rich pickings from wildfire-devastated communities

4/26/2018 (Permalink)

There’s nothing more traumatic than fleeing a wildfire and knowing it’s going to devour your precious home. All your lifelong memories are about to be burned to the ground thanks to Mother Nature.

That’s the harsh reality hundreds of Californians are facing after America’s worst wildfire season ever recorded. The historic 2017 blazes torched hundreds of thousands of acres, and destroyed more than a thousand properties, many of which were family homes.

And there’s one more potential kick in the teeth for these devastated families. Fire-gutted communities are ripe picking grounds for heartless criminals focused on cashing in on other people’s misfortunes. 

“Criminals have been known to walk through burned out neighborhoods on the hunt for loose safes and other valuable items that survive fires. They steal the items, crack the safes, and sell things on – and there’s nothing the families can do about it,” said Jono Millin, co-founder of drone mapping software start-up DroneDeploy."

Read more at We stop thieves taking rich pickings from wildfire-devastated communities

All those green hillsides could mean more Southern California fires later this season

4/5/2018 (Permalink)

Photo: Anthony Plascencia/VC Star

"Grass-covered hills might look good now, but authorities say that could mean a busy fall and summer for firefighters.

Over the past several weeks, brush has gotten damper, greener and less likely to burn. Stands of tall, green grass have blanketed Ventura County and much of the state.

That’s good news. But there’s a downside: Like last year, there could be a significant amount of grass-fire activity, according to the Ventura County Fire Department.

“Grass is the main ignition source,” said county fire Capt. Ken VanWig. “It’s like the kindling in the fireplace.”

As the fine grass dries out, it becomes a bed of fuel that makes it easy for fires to start and to spread quickly."

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Why the California wildfires are spreading so quickly

3/8/2018 (Permalink)

This article was originally published in December as the Thomas fire continued to rage.  It is an informative look into how the fire spread so rapidly and how we can prevent it in the future.

t's been an especially devastating year for wildfires in California, with four of the deadliest in the last 12 months, according to state records.

In October, fires ravaged Northern California's wine country in Napa and Sonoma counties, destroying an estimated 8,900 structures and leaving more than 40 people dead.Now a round of wildfires has broken out in Southern California, and they may be scarier than the October fires.  The Thomas Fire in Ventura County had burned 96,000 acres as of Thursday, making it twice as big as Washington, D.C., and nearly three times bigger than the most destructive of the Napa-Sonoma fires."

The Triple Threat: Fire, Hoarding & Biohazard Cleanup

6/23/2017 (Permalink)

On a warm, sunny day back in June, I had the opportunity to check out some job sites with SunGlo Services Operations Manager Bob Graham. SunGlo is a large restoration company based in the Metro Detroit area. Bob and I had five or six stops to make across a rather large area of Southeastern Michigan as he checked in on the progress of some jobs, and some new work just coming in.

For me, this ride-along was an opportunity to see restorers and jobs in action – and not just try to learn about the work from behind a desk, or through reading articles. I can safely say it was a very eye-opening experience. One particular stop stands out.

Early Warning Signs

Late in the morning, we arrived at a home that had experienced a house fire overnight. The homeowner was there seeming to assess the scene, and someone from CRDN had also just pulled up to take a look at what soft contents in the home might be salvageable. The problem was… we couldn’t get into the home. The house had been boarded up and the fire marshal had put a lock on the door. I’m sure you’ve all been to scenes like this where the fire marshal is still investigating and hasn’t cleared it for restoration or cleanup yet.

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Oxnard Fire fends off cancer with nanotechnology

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

"Dirty gear used to be a badge of honor for firefighters, but as cancer rates among responders rises, cleanliness has become the highest priority.

The Oxnard Fire Department — like other Ventura County agencies — has adopted that mindset and received delivery this month of new hoods that keep out microscopic carcinogens from absorbing into firefighters' skin.

Last summer when Alex Hamilton became an Oxnard Fire Department battalion chief, he delved into the science and learned that while breathing in these cancer-causing particles is dangerous, it's actually worse when they are absorbed into the skin.

According to a study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the levels of these particles were higher on the neck, throat and jaw line. In addition, the higher the temperature the more permeable the skin is."


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Green home emerges after fire.

5/17/2016 (Permalink)

David Lauer photo

"A natural disaster cleared a property in the Colorado mountains, giving an architect and her family a blank slate. Instead of going the traditional route, they took the opportunity to build their green dream home.

Colorado architect Renée del Gaudio and her family were camping when they heard the news. One of the most destructive wildfires in the state’s history was ripping through their property in Boulder. Del Gaudio and her husband, Ross Wehner, had purchased the land just two years earlier, in 2008, with the hope of someday relocating there from Denver with their two small children. In the meantime, they’d leased a tiny cabin on the property to a college student—who was able to escape the blaze—but the structure was destroyed."

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