Water Damage Photo Gallery

The cause of this water damage was a clogged filter

You never know when a filter will cause a 10,000 square foot building to flood. The blue round canister in this picture caused major flooding when it clogged. So check your filters and occasionally clean them out to avoid flooding your home or business.

Camarillo Dry Tent Post Water Loss

The broken pipe flooded an area of a hardwood floor in the Camarillo area, and fast action was needed to salvage the flooring from demolition. SERVPRO, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, lived up to our slogan. The "tenting" concentrates our water extraction and dehumidifying to a specific area. Experience means a lot.

Camarillo water damage

This photo and caption comes courtesy of crew member, Hector G.  

"Most disasters call for traditional drying methods, but sometimes we improvise and improve on our traditional ways. Here we have an LGR dehumidifier reducing the relative humidity in the room as well as increasing the temperature of the ambient air, meanwhile the air movers will send the hot air through the plastic ducting and exit directly over the affected area through strategically cut slits aiding in the evaporation rate and this drying out as efficiently as possible."

Water damage restoration in Camarillo

When your kitchen sink supply line breaks, SERVPRO of Camarillo has your back!  The crew put a few fans to work underneath the sink to help get the drying process started.  

Camarillo Water Damage

That's a lot of water!  The water meter never lies.  Here, one of our technicians is monitoring moisture along the lower end of the wall underneath the sink in the previous photo.

Camarillo Water Damage

The team lays eyes on the culprit for the water loss in the kitchen.  It's difficult to see but the black pipe on the left hand side broke and created the loss.