Fire Damage Photo Gallery

The Thomas Fire Burns Ventura Spa and Deck

The Thomas Fire scorched this fiberglass spa and wood deck at a Ventura home. Our SERVPRO crew arrived and demolished and removed the non-salvageable elements of this "water park." Fortunately, the house was only five feet from this fire damage but escaped unblemished. Our customer was elated after we supported the new fire-resistant fiberboard decking with Douglas fir treated lumber to ward off mold and termites. The site, "Like it never even happened," was ready for a new spa.

The fire was so hot, it scorched the stucco and burnt the eves in Ventura, Ca

Here is an example of the awesome firefighters who saved this home from going up in flames. Even when there was no water left to fight the Thomas Fire in Ventura, Ca. Thanks to our first responders for saving this home. Now it's SERVPRO's turn help with the cleanup.

Getting the home back to normal

Here is the finished product of the rebuilt deck. This time we used fire resistant fiber board instead of wood. The substructure was built out of Doug Fir and was treated so that mold and dry rot would never form. The client was excited to get their deck finished so that their new spa could be installed.

Thomas Fire damage

Here is what happens when fire consumes a fiberglass spa and wood deck. The fumes from the materials in the spa when it was burning were very toxic. You could still smell the toxins even when the fire was extinguished.

Thomas Fire Spa and Deck damage

This is what happened to the fiberglass spa and wood deck during the Thomas Fire in Ventura. It's amazing because this damage was only five feet from the home. The home was untouched by the fire.

Camarillo Bathroom fire

This fire began from some damaged electrical wiring in a client's bathroom.  The fire did extensive damage to the bathroom, including breaking through the ceiling drywall.  The fire department was called and as a result a water loss was also incurred which we were able to cover as well.

Kitchen Fire

This fire was started within a microwave unit.  The resulting damage led to the removal of the stove unit as well.  As you can see by the severity of the fire, heavy soot coated the home so much that HEPA vacuuming was required before any other work could be done.

Arson fire in Camarillo CA

This was one of our more interesting calls.  A suspected arsonist began a fire on this client's front porch.  As you can see the damage was rather extension on the porch.  The majority of the damage inside the house was residual from the fire outside.

Kitchen fire Camarillo CA

This loss was the result of a cooking fire that left ash residue as far as the den, on the other side of the home.  In the photo you can see the loss site  which included the exhaust fan.  As a result of the smoke and fire getting into the exhaust fan, a duct cleaning was also needed to complete the job.